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The Profit of Art was launched shortly after a statement was made by the former UK Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. The Secretary of State asserted that the art community must make the case for public funding by focusing on its economic impact. The purpose of this site is to present the opposing view.

When we experience art we focus not on the material, but on the inner worlds of aesthetics, metaphor, meaning and feeling.

Art explores and confirms the human condition. Art is not about the meager world of economics, but rather our attention should be on its value and potential to enrich us beyond the material world.

The Profit of Art - Perhaps

The Profit of Art Icon

Some thoughts about the icon "Perhaps" used to identify The Profit of Art.

The icon is made from simple elements. Perhaps the outer circle is you, and the inner circles, two people who stand either side of a gallery wall looking at a painting from different points of view.

Perhaps those people are in our thoughts. Are they facing one another? Perhaps they look outward. Are they safe? Are they constrained? They could be confined by the square boundary of white light that encloses them. Perhaps these two are unaware of one another, perhaps they are in two adjoining rooms, a cubicle, or cell.

As I gaze longer at this image I consider the squares that surround the smaller circles, their negative space like arrows pointing outwards, like limbs that touch the world in search of experience and meaning.

The blue segments of circles surround the strongest square like the phases of the moon, and beyond floats an atmosphere that touches the void...

Is the icon more than a few shapes carefully positioned? At what point does something cross the boundary from an ordinary thing of little or no significance, to being art?

Mike de Sousa

Mike de Sousa

Mike is an advocate and contributer of public art.

In addition to his creative work published on his evolving retrospective 100 Artworks Today, he is the author of The Rights of Living Things. Find out more about Mike on his personal website. This website is supported by Art Lover VIP.