The Profit of Art

The case for non-commercial art...

The Profit of Art was launched shortly after a Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in the UK asserted that the art community must make the case for public funding by focusing on its economic impact. The purpose of this site is to present the opposing view.

"When I was about seven, one or two people encouraged me, and art became an enormous and important refuge. By adolescence, I was absolutely passionate about it and felt those paintings and those painters, whether they lived a few hundred years ago or were still alive, were somehow my companions."

John Berger ~ art and cultural commentator, novelist, painter and poet

The value of sharing moments of joy and sadness is that in doing so they reach beyond the confines of one person and resonate with others. With you. What is experienced is no longer of the moment, although there is no certainty of this.

FamilyThink of art like the strings of an instrument. As one string moves, so others do in sympathy, yet something may dampen a string, by accident or intent.

Art works best for those open, that are, allow, or delight in their freedom to move with another.

When art is known by many, a painting, song, or poem for example, we not only experience it emotionally and intellectually, we respond to it socially. When a work of art is embraced by others we become all the more immersed in it. That others feel the same brings us together, holds us as community, if only for a short time. Art in all its forms gives opportunity to share its common land.

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